Ted Leonsis owner of DC's hockey and basketball teams says sports can give backk a lot mre - and aims t show hw in supercity dc-baltimore

Saturday, February 27, 2016

change learning

yesterday King introduced amy and I to jayfus off www.juxtopia.com -his extraordinary business and netwrk of tech wizards who also are entering an zprize team one day event in DC on i thin 1 april

as you probably know i see learning as make or break to all youth futures especially across the potential 3 super cities 
san diego and LA(where xprize is headquartered)
baltimore and DC
new york

a couple of months ago amy and I accompanied john and jose to an xprize event in new yor

speakers and organisations that I would lie to follow up if anyone sees any opportunities to do so are

Jake Schwarz co-founder General Assembly Jake Schwartz Bio
Jonathan Harbor co-founder EdgeTech http://edgeedtech.com/

I have never found my way round xprize community forum - if anyone as found an effective way to populate it please say XPRIZE Community

Friday, December 25, 2015

change health

one way to change health and your personal network is whenever a friend is concerned with a disease there seems no local answer to - see how many degrees  separation you are to world expert - of course you may fail to do better than the local knowhow but at least one can try to see if the world has more somewhere

and sometimes you learn more about whom your best friends are or even how humanly related we are to people whose cultures we may have had little prior experience of

i assume this is the most valuable purpose of the web but happy to hear alternate views chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Thursday, November 22, 2012

America's National Public Radio has a superb series on the economics freedoms that prizes liberate for entrepreneurial revolutionaries



This reminds me of the 1984 book my father assembled from first 10 years of debating productivity of net generation at The Economist Valuing Net Generation 

In Britain, work at World Class Brands suggests:  the future value of the BBC will depend on understanding this world service responsibility above and beyond any other organisational process